Hepburn’s Latest Issues

Hepburn’s Latest Issues

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Hepburn 2022 Issue 8 – Audacious Edition

Hepburn 2022 Issue 8 - Audacious Edition

This issue celebrates the Audacious Hepburn women. In this issue, we honour Queen Elizabeth II, and feature feature Sanna Marin, Dr Red Ruby Scarlett, and Miriam Aguero Lorenzo.

We introduce you to Stephanie Bofinger, successful Entrepreneur, Innovator, and owner of FemPro Armour. Stephanie shares her story, her ride across the Simpson Desert, and her joy in helping female impact sport women feel safer.

Fashion Designer Sallyanne Astill, owner of the eponymous label Astille shares the Spring Fashion Trends.

We have stories, on Finding Balance between your Passion project and Profession, Understanding Passion and Obsession, and more

We invite you to read this issue which will be open for a short time for you to preview.

Hepburn’s 2022 – Previous Issues

Hepburn’s 2021 Issues

Festive Edition

This Christmas, we invite you to savour the pleasure of relaxing with Hepburn, step up with a power pose, develop your thinking skills, and enjoy a cosmopolitan with friends.

Our Festive Edition celebrates those strong and ambitious women, who understand the power of possibility thinking, engage in parallel thinking, and who stop to enjoy in the indulgent pleasures of life.

Preview Edition

While many people find 2020 to be the most challenging year in their life, Hepburn women have showed commendable courage and leadership during this time.

Our preview edition celebrates these strong and ambitious women who run the world and invite them to take a quick break in the indulgent pleasures of life.