Vitality Edition

Spring is here! With new growth on the trees, the air freshening up, bulbs bursting through the ground, snow melting, longer days, and flowers colouring the landscape.

This means it’s time to get savvy with your business strategy!

This issue celebrates the Vitality within all Hepburn Women.

Spartan Woman Edition

A yougn woman with black warrior paint outlining her face. She is looking ahead wiht a sense of determination.
Hepburn 2021 Issue 4, Spartan Woman

With passion, courage, strength, and conviction you can,

Start your journey,
Build your path, and
Find your own way.

We Hepburn Women, like those ancient women before us acknowledge, and explore, the courage and conviction we hold within. for we know this reservoir
lights our path.

This issue celebrates the Spartan mystique within all Hepburn Women.

Eternal Edition

We live for the present,
We look forward to tomorrow
We learn from our past.

We Hepburn Women, accept the challenge life offers, knowing that love eternal gives us the fortitude and courage we need to continue, with our eyes focused straight ahead we do not look back and we smile.

This issue celebrates the eternal love within all Hepburn Women.

Veraison Edition

Seasons change,
The tides ebb and flow
Fruit ripens
The sun rises and sets,
The only constant is change.

Hepburn Women, adjust, adapt and accept change graciously,welcoming the veraison of their growth. Encouraged by change, Hepburn Women strengthen as they transition from the blush of an idea
to purposeful growth.

This issue celebrates the veraison within all the Hepburn Women.

Phoenix Edition


As we emerge from 2020, we rise to achieve bigger goals and achievements in 2021. Within all Hepburn Women, lies a phoenix which rises renewed from the ashes of the past.

After facing a tumultuous year, the Hepburn Women come out stronger, wiser and even more powerful than ever in this year.

This issue celebrates the Phoenix within all the Hepburn Women.

Festive Edition

This Christmas, we invite you to savour the pleasure of relaxing with Hepburn, step up with a power pose, develop your thinking skills, and enjoy a cosmopolitan with friends.

Our Festive Edition celebrates those strong and ambitious women, who understand the power of possibility thinking, engage in parallel thinking, and who stop to enjoy in the indulgent pleasures of life.

Preview Edition

While many people find 2020 to be the most challenging year in their life, Hepburn women have showed commendable courage and leadership during this time.

Our preview edition celebrates these strong and ambitious women who run the world and invite them to take a quick break in the indulgent pleasures of life.

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